The Dilemma of Men with Overdeveloped Breasts

Self-image and masculinity are very important for most men and it can be very devastating to deal with something that could make their masculinity questionable.  This is happening to men with gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breasts. When a man has overdeveloped breasts that resemble those of women’s, their masculinity is somehow being questioned. The dilemma of men with overdeveloped breasts could make their lives miserable.

Dealing with enlarged male breast is not easy and this condition affects men not only physically but also psychologically and socially. So what are the dilemma of men with overdeveloped breasts?

Physical issues.  Men with gynecomastia hate their body because of their big breasts. They do not feel masculine with the presence of two big female-like breasts. There are cases that their overdeveloped breasts even produce milk which make them more uncomfortable with what is happening with their body.  They cannot understand and cannot accept the physical changes brought by gynecomastia. Overdeveloped breasts in men affect their physical appearance in a negative way.

Social issues. Big breasts are for women and it not socially acceptable for men to have feminine-like breasts. For this reason, men with gynecomastia are embarrassed with their physical appearance. People are sometimes so cruel that they make fun of men with female-like breasts making them feel more humiliated with their condition. They are so conscious and embarrassed with their physical appearance that they shy away from people. Men with enlarged breasts tend to avoid situations and places where they will be required to take off their shirt in public. They avoid shower room situations and places like the beach. They hate summertime because they cannot enjoy outdoor activities that most people of their age could enjoy. They hide their big breasts through layers of baggy clothes.
Overdeveloped breasts in men or gynecomastia takes away their social freedom to live harmoniously with people around them.

Psychological issues. Overdeveloped breasts in men could greatly affect their manhood or self-image and this makes them feel sad and depressed. Men are supposed to have muscled and well-built chest but instead they have two big female-like breasts making them feel less manly. Men with enlarged breasts became insecure with their appearance and so they begin to harbor negative feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, depression and feeling of rejection. Due to these negative feelings and insecurities, they sometimes find it hard to get intimate with someone or they even avoid romantic relationships for the fear of rejection. The emotional or psychological burden of gynecomastia makes their personal lives miserable.

There are treatments to fix overdeveloped breasts in men and get your life back. Cosmetic surgery is a common solution to reduce breast size but it is accompanied by risks and it is an expensive procedure. For those who are not willing to go under the knife, natural treatment is an option. The disgrace of living with overdeveloped breasts make their lives unbearable.  Men with this condition should know that they have options and they do not have to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Treatment Options for Men with Feminine Breasts or Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or commonly called man boobs is the enlargement of male breasts. The breasts get so large that it looks like female breasts. Imagine how devastating and embarrassing it is carrying female-like breasts. The dilemma of men with feminine breasts is forcing them to hide and live a life full of humiliation. No one would wish such a life. Gynecomastia affects the physical and psychological well-being of men suffering from it.

Men with feminine breasts suffer from personal and social issues. Men are supposed to have firm and muscled chests and not female like breasts. The society is not so kind in accepting men with feminine breasts and so they are teased, ridiculed, bullied, laughed at and rejected. For these reasons, men with gynecomastia are hiding their condition and along with it their self-esteem is greatly damaged. They do not have the freedom to take off their shirts in public and so they avoid the beach, swimming, getting naked in the shower room with other men and the worst thing is that they are afraid to get intimate with someone for the fear of rejection. They often wear layers of shirts or baggy shirts and even compression vests to conceal their enlarged female-like breasts.

Enlarged breasts in men come with a lot of restrictions which can be really frustrating and tiring. Men with feminine breasts are like prisoners who want their freedom to improve the quality of their lives. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for men with gynecomastia.

Surgical treatment. With the advance technology we have now, cosmetic surgery is a common procedure helping people who have issues with their physical appearance.  Breast reduction surgery is an instant solution for men with feminine breasts because it is a procedure that can be done between 1-3 hours under local or general anaesthesia depending on the amount of fats and tissues to be removed.  The procedure involves removing considerable amount of breast tissues and it may also include liposuction to remove excess fats.  The aim is to get rid of the female-like breasts and create a nicely contoured masculine chest. Although the procedure can be done in a few hours, it does not mean that it is not risky. Any surgery is risky and the patient needs time to recover from the surgery.
Complications like abnormal bleeding, negative reaction to anaesthesia, loss of nipple sensation, infections and even cosmetic issues like breasts asymmetry and scarring could happen. It is an expensive option for men with feminine breasts as the procedure could amount to as high as $10,000 and rarely covered by insurances. In some cases breast reduction surgery can be successful but in some cases it can be a disaster. It is important to do your homework before subjecting yourself under the knife. The reputation and expertise of the surgeon are very important and you also have to be medically fit for the procedure.

Natural herbal treatment.  Most men with gynecomastia are under the impression that the only solution to their problem is cosmetic surgery but this is not true. Another option for men with feminine breasts is non-surgical treatment or natural herbal treatment. It is suitable for men who are not willing to go under the knife and do not have the money to spend for expensive procedures. The beauty of natural treatment is that it is non-invasive and does not involve harmful chemicals and you are not at the mercy of the expertise of surgeons. Natural herbal treatment takes away the costly expenses, scarring, pain and other possible serious problems of surgery.  The downside of natural herbal treatment is you have to be patient to see the results you want. It may only take a few hours to perform cosmetic surgeries but the possible complications could be long-lasting. Natural herbal treatment for enlarged breasts reduces the quantity of fatty cells making the chest flatter giving men masculine looking chests. Men with feminine breasts do not have to spend a fortune to get rid of gynecomastia but they need to invest time and dedication for the treatment to get the results they want.

Men with feminine breasts can change their situation with the right treatment option. With flatter and masculine looking chest, they no longer have to hide.
If you are into natural remedies, visit Gynexin  

Men with Female-like Breasts- What You Need to Know

Enlarged male breasts happen to almost half of the male population, this is a condition known as gynecomastia. In some cases, gynecomastia causes the formation of small lump underneath one or both nipples and in some cases, it causes large hanging breasts in men. Both are extremely embarrassing because men are not supposed to have protruding large breasts. Men with female-like breasts are like having a nightmare that they would like to wake up from.

The exact cause of gynecomastia cannot be pinpointed because in most cases there is no obvious cause but there are various factors affecting its occurrence like getting older, hormonal changes, alcohol abuse, side effects of drugs, genetics or hereditary and obesity. Whatever the cause, men with female-like breasts are scared of this condition because enlarged breasts can affect one’s physical and psychological well-being.

Men with female-like breasts are in agony because of its impact in one’s personal and social life. Thousands of men are suffering from this condition damaging many aspects of their lives. Gynecomastia normally starts at puberty where hormonal changes start happening in men. Enlarged male breasts could be the most devastating thing that could happen to a teenage boy. Although gynecomastia usually starts at teenage years, it can happen at any age. Gynecomastia could go away without treatment after puberty but there are cases that it stays permanently until adulthood. Living with feminine-like breasts is like a curse that could ruin a man’s quality of life.

Since teenage years, men with female-like breasts learned early that this is a condition that they need to hide and they continue to hide it until adulthood. They are hiding their enlarged breasts by wearing big shirts, wearing multiple layers of shirts, avoiding situations that will require them to take off their shirts in public like swimming or going in the beach, avoiding locker situations where they need to shower naked with other men and as much as possible they avoid getting intimate with someone for the fear of rejection. Gynecomastia is a condition that can permanently damage one’s self-esteem.
It is understandable why men with enlarged breasts want to hide but it is not a hopeless condition because it is a treatable condition. Enlarged male breasts can be defeated with the right treatment. Men with female-like breasts have the options to get rid of enlarged male breasts with the treatment suitable for them.  Here are some of the common treatments.

Weight loss.  Most men with female-like breasts are usually on the heavy side. Obesity or weight gain is one factor that affects the occurrence of enlarged male breasts and weight gain is something that can be changed or avoided. Gaining extra weight does not only increase fat tissues but it could also affect hormones production. As we all know, both male and female hormones are present in both male and female. Increased fat tissues in men could increase female hormones estrogen as fat tissues produces estrogen.  Estrogen stimulates breast growth so weight gain could affect one’s breast growth. This condition can be prevented by maintaining appropriate weight.  Men with female-like breasts could greatly benefit from the right weight loss program. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is not easy but the benefits could outweigh the sacrifices. Aside from making your breast size look smaller, maintaining a healthy weight could also improve your overall health. If you cannot lose weight on your own, you can always seek help. Of course you also have to consider your current health condition before engaging in any weight loss program so it is best to consult your doctor on what is best for you.

Breast reduction surgery.  It is an expensive treatment and rarely covered by insurances but it is an instant solution for men with female-like breasts. The expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is one big factor that contributes to the success of the procedure but not all surgeons are equally created, there are cases that patients are dissatisfied with the result. Cosmetic complaints may vary from scarring to asymmetrical or uneven breasts or nipples. Any surgery involves risks like reaction to anaesthesia, blood loss during and after surgery and infections. While breast reduction surgery is the common cosmetic procedure now, you must be cautious and research more before subjecting yourself under the knife. Aside from your source of funds for the surgery, careful study of the surgeon’s reputation or expertise and your health condition must be taken into great consideration.

Herbal breast reduction treatment.  As a result of intensive research of leading medical scientists and nutritionist, herbal breast reduction treatment was developed to help men with female-like breasts or gynecomastia deal with their condition without the risks of expensive breast reduction surgery. The herbal ingredients target the fat cells in the mammary glands reducing breasts size. Herbal treatments are not as expensive and risky as surgery but it takes time and dedication to see the results you want.
Before taking any herbal treatment, it is best to consult your doctor especially if have health issues.
For men with female-like breasts, dealing with gynecomastia is not easy but every problem has its solution. It is up to you to find the best solution that will work for you but it is always best to explore non-surgical options to avoid the risks of surgery.  To know more about natural remedies visit Gynexin Alpha Formula 

The Importance of Good Nutrition for Men with Gynecomastia

First, let us understand what Gynecomastia is. Another term for Gynecomastia is man boobs, which put simply are enlarged breasts in men. These boobs form when there is an imbalance of hormones and where testosterone levels may be low or estrogen levels may be high. The condition can affect any male, at any age and can affect just one or both breasts. Gynecomastia generally isn’t considered a serious health problem, however it can be embarrassing and can damage a male’s self confidence level.

Gynecomastia may be caused by a number of medical conditions, however it can also be fuelled by our nutrition. As with all medical conditions, seek medical help if you are unsure and want further clarity.

When your body is deprived of its required nutrition, malnutrition occurs which causes your hormone levels to drop. Having a balanced diet is essential for the formation of all your body’s hormones. This includes your androgenic hormones which is where testosterone is formed. By not giving your body the proteins and fats it needs to survive it may have a detrimental effect on your cholesterol which again helps to form testosterone. Over indulging may also contribute to organ damage, including the kidneys and liver. Kidney and liver failure has been linked to the development of gynecomastia in the past, so not something that it advised.

It won’t be the first time you have heard this, and it probably won’t be the last, alcohol consumption and drinking excessing amounts of the stuff can cause Gynecomastia. Drinking alongside consumption of drug abuse (for example marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine) may increase the risk of developing gynecomastia. Alcohol poisoning has been proven to cause liver damage, which increases the risk further. In addition, consuming large quantities of alcohol or other drugs may increase the chance of malnutrition which we mentioned above. This is because the diet of alcoholics and addicts often lacks the key vitamins and minerals we need to have a healthy body which in turn leads to malnutrition-related gynecomastia.

If our bodies build too much estrogen this also causes us to form breasts. Some foods on the market are known to have estrogen-like substances within them; these are referred to as phytoestrogens. Soy products generally are high in phytoestrogens as are other pulses such as chickpeas and cowpeas. You will also find that some readily available meats, particularly red meats, may be produced from animals that have been fed artificial hormones; needless to say this can include extra estrogen. Excessive consumption of foods that may contain estrogen-like substances may upset the balance of hormones in your body and may development of breast tissue. It is advised that eating a balanced diet may help avoid the development of hormonally related disorders which can cause man boobs to develop.

Believe it or not, many herbal remedies contain phytoestrogens. Some of these quantities are higher than they are in estrogenic foods! Herbs taken for conditions such as prostate conditions, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure may contain phytoestrogens that may cause breast development. Herbal supplements commonly known to contain high levels of phytoestrogens include dong quai, which is usually used for atherosclerosis and high blood pressure; saw palmetto, which is used for prostate enlargement; and ginseng, which is given as a tonic and sexual aid.
Strangely, the use of oil body care products can also be associated with breast development; such oils might include tea tree oil and lavender. Various medications that may be taken for conditions such as prostate enlargement can also stimulate breast growth so bare this in mind if you take them. Talk to your health practitioner about all your medical conditions and medicines, including herbal supplements that you may be taking and they should be able to give you some good advice if you are unsure.

Gynecomastia or man boobs are common in men and boys who are obese. The larger appearance may be simply cosmetic due to the build-up of fat throughout the body including the breast area. When we lose weight, the breasts may stay put due to the development of excessive skin that sags, even though you have lost weight and the fat has been reduced. In addition, having excessive weight in your body may contribute to hormonal imbalances in testosterone and estrogen levels which in time allows actual breast tissue to develop. While many cases of gynecomastia have been known to resolve themselves over time, additional medical procedures may be needed to reduce the excessive skin that has developed or to remove actual breast tissue if it has formed over time.

Alternatively there are products available on the market that target this insecurity in men, one you might want to look at is Gynexin which is a natural supplement that targets the fat cells found in male breasts and works at reducing them.

Surgical Procedure for Gynecomastia- What You Need to Know

Gynecomastia is commonly known as male breast enlargement or man boobs. In the majority of instances there is no known trigger and although rarely talked about, this is a widespread condition. For men who feel self-conscious with regards to their appearance, surgical procedure for gynecomastia could be a good idea. The process gets rid of necessary amount of fats and breast tissues from your breasts and in severe cases, the unwanted skin is also removed. This review page will provide you with a basic understanding of what is involved if you are considering surgical procedure to fix gynecomastia. This may not answer all your questions but it can at least provide you with the basic understanding about gynecomastia surgery.

Most teenage boys experience a few degree of breast increase affecting one or two breasts. By early adulthood 10% of those will resolve itself without treatment but it rises together with time hitting approximately 30% in older adult males. So that makes more than half of male population suffer from gynecomastia.  Breast enlargement seldom caused by prescription drugs (for excessive blood pressure, cardiovascular disease in addition to prostate cancer), drugs (such as marijuana and anabolic steroids), several diseases (such as liver malfunction and several cancers) and very rare due to congenital abnormalities (errors with development that one will be born with). These kinds of causes should be omitted by surgeons while in an initial discussion. Extra information will be needed during consultation regarding overall health, chest size in addition to body shape, past chest medical procedures, any kind of bleeding tendencies and healing capabilities, a few of that may become troubled by smoking cigarettes, drinking in addition to a variety of drugs.

The breasts are made up of two key elements, glandular structure (firm plus dense) in addition to fatty structure (soft). The particular relation regarding glandular to fatty tissue in any breast differs via person to person and in gynecomastia there could be too much of both. If there is predominantly a diffuse fatty enlargement in the chest, liposuction is the usual therapy. This requires sucking out the fat materials through a small pipe inserted via the 3-4mm incision. If unwanted glandular flesh is the major cause of breast increase, this ought to end up being excised (cut out) with a scalpel. This will result to scars, usually around the nipple border. This excision can be executed alone or together with liposuction. Major reductions which require removing of considerable amount of flesh in addition to skin may possibly need larger incisions which could result in more obvious marks. Almost all surgical treatments for gynecomastia take about 90 minutes to complete and are performed under general anaesthesia, or in some instances, under local anaesthesia using sedation.

Following the medical procedures the upper body is swollen and bruised for a while plus it can be difficult to be able to determine the full result of the procedure. To aid reduce inflammation, patients are often instructed to use an elastic pressure garment consistently for one or two weeks. It is advisable to avoid exercise for around three weeks and also, in general, it takes about 6 weeks before you can return to full mobility. The potential complications from the surgery are comparatively uncommon. They will consist of inadequate removing of breast tissue, uneven shape to the upper body and decreased nipple feeling. In the event an excision has been done, rather than liposuction, subsequently a blood clot can form that should end up being drained at a subsequent procedure.

Surgical procedure for gynecomastia is a common procedure now but of course patients should highly take into consideration the expertise and experience of the surgeon and of course his current health condition before subjecting himself under the knife. Breast reduction surgery is also an expensive procedure and it might not be for everybody. To explore non-surgical treatment for gynecomastia, visit Gynexin 

Get Rid of Man Boobs for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and happiest days of your life and you want to be comfortable and relaxed on this special day. Many of your guests will be wanting to take a photo of you and your wonderful partner on this special day and the last thing you want is to feel insecure about your body, in particular your man boobs. You want to get rid of man boobs for your wedding day and get rid of your insecurities brought by enlarged male breasts.

If you are a person who are willing to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, your chest and the rest of your body will start to take shape and flatten. Getting rid of those man boobs will come naturally and you will be left smiling from the inside out. It is however important that you are realistic that this will not happen overnight. Your body needs time to adjust to these changes before it starts to burn your male breast fat. It is also important to note that once it has started to burn the breast fat it can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days for you to actually see the results. It is therefore important that you stay focused and keep in the zone.

By the time you start to see the results, much of your breast fat will have disappeared and you will be feel like a new person, just in time for your wedding day.

The reason you can’t lose your man breasts overnight or in just a few days is exactly the same reason as to why a woman can’t grow breasts overnight. When you make the right hormonal changes, it takes time for your body to adjust and respond to them. The good news is, the amount of fat in your chest is tiny compared to the fat pockets in other parts of your body, so when you do start to see changes in your breasts, those man boobs will be gone quicker than you think.

There are three tactics to getting rid of man breasts, and the best results are seen when these approaches are combined. They include achieving a body fat reduction and a hormonal balance alongside taking a Gynexin supplement that can help attack those fat cells found in your male breasts.

The reason you have male boobs is because your body has developed a bit of a female hormonal balance. This generally happens to men when they are overweight, because fat cells increase female hormones in the body and decrease male hormones. This is not the only way it can occur though; It can also happen due to too much exposure to female hormones in your environment, for example these hormones might be present in your water supply and they are common in many food groups.

Make sure you get a healthy diet which consists of lots of fruit, vegetables and lean meat, combine this will regular exercise (3 x 30minute sessions per week) while taking Gynexin male breast reduction supplement and those man boobs will most certainly be a thing of the past!

Dealing with Male Breast Enlargement Problem

Women with large breasts can be very attractive but if large breasts start to grow on a man’s body, it is far from being attractive. There are men with enlarged breasts so large that the size looks like those of women’s. This condition is called gynecomastia, an abnormal growth of breasts in men that usually starts on teenage years. Most gynecomastia goes away on its own without treatment after teenage years but there are those who continue to suffer from male breast enlargement problem until adulthood. Dealing with enlarged male breasts can bring great psychological and emotional torture to men.

Imagine how hard it is to deal with having female breasts on a male’s body. In some cases, men with gynecomastia also produce breast discharge or milk which can be really devastating. They also suffer from breast soreness, tenderness and pain. Dealing with male breast enlargement problem is not easy because people are sometimes too cruel and quick to judge.

So how men with gynecomastia deal with their condition?

Weight loss and breast exercises. To address male breast enlargement problem, some men choose to lose weight and engage in breast exercise programs. Losing weight, working on their chest muscles and getting rid of excess fats can somehow make their enlarged breasts look smaller.  The downside of this method is that this doesn’t work for all men with gynecomastia. Some men no matter how much they work out still have the enlarged breasts and cannot make them smaller with exercises.

Compression shirt for gynecomastia. There are compression contour garments designed to compress and hide male breast enlargement problem and to make breasts appear smaller. Compression shirt or vest also helps sufferers to contour the body without surgery. With these garments, men with gynecomastia can move freely without worrying that their large woman-like breasts will get noticed. But still, they cannot just take their shirt off in public and show their chest with enlarged breasts.

Some come to terms with it and accept it as it is. Some men learned to come to terms with it since it is something that they lived with since teenage years. They found the courage to accept it as it is and able to act normally and more open to talk about it to people who matters to them like their close friends, family and partner or spouse. Of course accepting something like male breast enlargement problem that could forever blemish a man’s image is not easy. It is a process and some men after living the painful phase of having gynecomastia have learned that it is a part of them that they have to accept and live with.

Surgery. Although most insurance companies will not cover plastic surgery, correction plastic surgery is the option considered by those who have the money. For those who can afford expensive plastic surgery, the immediate solution for male breast enlargement problem is to put themselves under the knife to correct the abnormal breast growth. Any surgery includes risks, side effects and some even undergoes a second surgery to correct whatever went wrong with the first one but still there are men who are willing to go under the knife despite the risks to get rid of their male breast enlargement problem.

Natural treatments. With a large number of men suffering from gynecomastia and most are hesitant to go under the knife, natural remedies become popular. Natural treatments have been developed to help those who want to get rid of male breast enlargement problem naturally.  For men who are suffering from gynecomastia and do not want to go under the knife, natural treatment is one option that they consider. If you are one of those who are into natural remedies, visit Gynexin 

Overdeveloped Breasts in Men- The Sufferings of Men with Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a problem where men have overdeveloped breast tissues that their breasts appear like those of women’s.  The problem of having overdeveloped breasts in men makes them so uncomfortable and too conscious of their appearance, so conscious that it affects the way they live their lives. Most men who are suffering from gynecomastia are in great confusion and dilemma that they often wonder what they will become when they walk around with those women-like breasts. Gynecomastia brought men serious psychological torture that is beyond imagination.

The greatest dilemma of men with gynecomastia is the fear of living with humiliation for the rest of their lives.  Large breasts are only for women and a man with woman-like breasts may suffer from humiliation for the rest of his life or for as long as he has those big boobs.  The sufferings of men with gynecomastia can be very heart wrenching. So what are these sufferings? Keep reading to understand more about the pain and miseries brought by overdeveloped breasts in men.

Gynecomastia or overdeveloped breasts in men affect their confidence. When a man is not happy with his physical appearance, his confidence can be damaged. Overdeveloped breasts in men affect their self-esteem and confidence. They become overly shy and unsure of their worth as a person.  Who would not become shy and overly self-conscious if you are developing breasts that resemble those of women’s? Part of being confident comes from being comfortable and satisfied with one’s physical appearance. When your physical appearance doesn’t conform to what is perceived by most people as normal, your confidence will surely suffer miserably.

Overdeveloped breasts in men prevent them from enjoying summertime. Most people with gynecomastia hate summertime not because summer is not a great season; it is because they know they cannot enjoy the beach and all summertime activities that will require them to expose their bare chest in public.  Summer makes them feel sad because they cannot take their shirts off and enjoy the beach. Imagine how frustrating it can be to stay home or do something else when almost everyone you know is on the beach enjoying their summertime.

Overdeveloped breasts in men may get into the way of getting intimate with a woman.  When a person is in a relationship, intimacy cannot be avoided because it is through intimacy that women and men connect with each other emotionally and physically. Although it is natural for men and women in relationship to get intimate, men with gynecomastia often hesitate to get intimate with a woman because of the fear of rejection. A woman seeing a naked man with woman-like breasts may freak out or may not understand what gynecomastia is. Although there are women who can accept this condition, it is still hard for most men with gynecomastia to open up about their condition especially to women.

Some men with gynecomastia may come to terms with their condition and may learn to live with it despite the teasing and unwanted attention from people who do not understand the pain and frustrations of having overdeveloped breasts in men. But most men who have this condition want to get rid of their enlarged breasts to reclaim their masculine and manly chest. While surgery can correct overdeveloped breasts in men, not all men can afford it or confident that they can handle the side effects of surgery. Fortunately surgery is not the only solution for gynecomastia. Overdeveloped breasts in men can be treated naturally. To know how to get rid of gynecomastia naturally, visit Gynexin

The Dilemma of Suffering from Male Breast Enlargement

Big breasts are for women and firm muscled chests are for men. Big breasts are always associated with women and if men started to have big breasts, this could disturb the norms of the society. Men with big breasts are not accepted by the society because this is against the norms. And so, men suffering from male breast enlargement have dilemmas that no one wishes to experience. Gynecomastia is a condition where men suffer from abnormal growth of the breasts due to excess growth of breast tissues and in some cases, men with enlarged breasts may even produce milk. This condition usually occurs during puberty and there are reports that half of all boys going through puberty most likely to experience gynecomastia. This condition usually goes away on its own within few months or a year but in some cases, the condition continues until adulthood and this gives men great dilemma. Having woman-like breasts could seriously hurt one’s manhood and self-image. The dilemma of suffering from male breast enlargement is beyond imagination. To fully understand what men with gynecomastia are going through, keep reading.

Embarrassment. We all have physical flaws but we should be at least at peace with our flaws and not embarrassed or humiliated by them. Having enlarged breasts which is considered not a normal thing in our society makes men feel humiliated. Having woman-like breasts could make a man feel extremely embarrassed with his physical appearance. They are so embarrassed and self-conscious with their appearance that they want to hide and shy away from people. Men suffering from male breasts enlargement and living with this kind of embarrassment is not living at all.

Depression. Physical appearance is an important part of one’s self-image. Most men usually want to have well-built and muscled body because they usually believe having well-built body adds to their macho image. Having gynecomastia could ruin one’s self-image and may bring a great deal of emotional distress. When one is not happy with his physical appearance and being teased for having features that resembles that of women’s, it could lead to sadness and eventually depression. Suffering from male breast enlargement is not easy and could affect men not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.

Issues with intimacy. Men are usually embarrassed and do not talk about gynecomastia. They usually hide the condition by wearing baggy clothes or layers of clothes. They also avoid activities like swimming or any physical activities that will require them to expose their bare chest in public.Sad to say that this behavior of hiding their embarrassing condition also affect their personal or romantic relationships. Most men with gynecomastia avoid getting intimate with their partners for fear of rejection. The rejection of the society is hard enough to bear and another rejection from the woman he adores because of an abnormal breast growth can be unbearable. Gynecomastia can prevent men from getting intimate with their partners and to avoid the rejection some men even sacrifice ending their romantic relationships.

Gynecomastia is more than just a physical problem because it affects men in a deeper level. Fortunately, men do not have to remain suffering from male breast enlargement because this problem can be corrected.Of course, you should choose the best treatment that will work for you and will not put your health at risk. Although surgery is a quick solution, it is accompanied by risks and irreversible side effects and not to mention that it is very costly. Before putting yourself under the knife, it is best to explore non-surgical options. Men suffering from male breast enlargement have the option to explore natural treatments for gynecomastia, to know more visit Gynexin