The Dilemma of Men with Overdeveloped Breasts

Self-image and masculinity are very important for most men and it can be very devastating to deal with something that could make their masculinity questionable.  This is happening to men with gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breasts. When a man has overdeveloped breasts that resemble those of women’s, their masculinity is somehow being questioned. The dilemma of men with overdeveloped breasts could make their lives miserable.

Dealing with enlarged male breast is not easy and this condition affects men not only physically but also psychologically and socially. So what are the dilemma of men with overdeveloped breasts?

Physical issues.  Men with gynecomastia hate their body because of their big breasts. They do not feel masculine with the presence of two big female-like breasts. There are cases that their overdeveloped breasts even produce milk which make them more uncomfortable with what is happening with their body.  They cannot understand and cannot accept the physical changes brought by gynecomastia. Overdeveloped breasts in men affect their physical appearance in a negative way.

Social issues. Big breasts are for women and it not socially acceptable for men to have feminine-like breasts. For this reason, men with gynecomastia are embarrassed with their physical appearance. People are sometimes so cruel that they make fun of men with female-like breasts making them feel more humiliated with their condition. They are so conscious and embarrassed with their physical appearance that they shy away from people. Men with enlarged breasts tend to avoid situations and places where they will be required to take off their shirt in public. They avoid shower room situations and places like the beach. They hate summertime because they cannot enjoy outdoor activities that most people of their age could enjoy. They hide their big breasts through layers of baggy clothes.
Overdeveloped breasts in men or gynecomastia takes away their social freedom to live harmoniously with people around them.

Psychological issues. Overdeveloped breasts in men could greatly affect their manhood or self-image and this makes them feel sad and depressed. Men are supposed to have muscled and well-built chest but instead they have two big female-like breasts making them feel less manly. Men with enlarged breasts became insecure with their appearance and so they begin to harbor negative feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, depression and feeling of rejection. Due to these negative feelings and insecurities, they sometimes find it hard to get intimate with someone or they even avoid romantic relationships for the fear of rejection. The emotional or psychological burden of gynecomastia makes their personal lives miserable.

There are treatments to fix overdeveloped breasts in men and get your life back. Cosmetic surgery is a common solution to reduce breast size but it is accompanied by risks and it is an expensive procedure. For those who are not willing to go under the knife, natural treatment is an option. The disgrace of living with overdeveloped breasts make their lives unbearable.  Men with this condition should know that they have options and they do not have to suffer for the rest of their lives.