Treatment Options for Men with Feminine Breasts or Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or commonly called man boobs is the enlargement of male breasts. The breasts get so large that it looks like female breasts. Imagine how devastating and embarrassing it is carrying female-like breasts. The dilemma of men with feminine breasts is forcing them to hide and live a life full of humiliation. No one would wish such a life. Gynecomastia affects the physical and psychological well-being of men suffering from it.

Men with feminine breasts suffer from personal and social issues. Men are supposed to have firm and muscled chests and not female like breasts. The society is not so kind in accepting men with feminine breasts and so they are teased, ridiculed, bullied, laughed at and rejected. For these reasons, men with gynecomastia are hiding their condition and along with it their self-esteem is greatly damaged. They do not have the freedom to take off their shirts in public and so they avoid the beach, swimming, getting naked in the shower room with other men and the worst thing is that they are afraid to get intimate with someone for the fear of rejection. They often wear layers of shirts or baggy shirts and even compression vests to conceal their enlarged female-like breasts.

Enlarged breasts in men come with a lot of restrictions which can be really frustrating and tiring. Men with feminine breasts are like prisoners who want their freedom to improve the quality of their lives. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for men with gynecomastia.

Surgical treatment. With the advance technology we have now, cosmetic surgery is a common procedure helping people who have issues with their physical appearance.  Breast reduction surgery is an instant solution for men with feminine breasts because it is a procedure that can be done between 1-3 hours under local or general anaesthesia depending on the amount of fats and tissues to be removed.  The procedure involves removing considerable amount of breast tissues and it may also include liposuction to remove excess fats.  The aim is to get rid of the female-like breasts and create a nicely contoured masculine chest. Although the procedure can be done in a few hours, it does not mean that it is not risky. Any surgery is risky and the patient needs time to recover from the surgery.
Complications like abnormal bleeding, negative reaction to anaesthesia, loss of nipple sensation, infections and even cosmetic issues like breasts asymmetry and scarring could happen. It is an expensive option for men with feminine breasts as the procedure could amount to as high as $10,000 and rarely covered by insurances. In some cases breast reduction surgery can be successful but in some cases it can be a disaster. It is important to do your homework before subjecting yourself under the knife. The reputation and expertise of the surgeon are very important and you also have to be medically fit for the procedure.

Natural herbal treatment.  Most men with gynecomastia are under the impression that the only solution to their problem is cosmetic surgery but this is not true. Another option for men with feminine breasts is non-surgical treatment or natural herbal treatment. It is suitable for men who are not willing to go under the knife and do not have the money to spend for expensive procedures. The beauty of natural treatment is that it is non-invasive and does not involve harmful chemicals and you are not at the mercy of the expertise of surgeons. Natural herbal treatment takes away the costly expenses, scarring, pain and other possible serious problems of surgery.  The downside of natural herbal treatment is you have to be patient to see the results you want. It may only take a few hours to perform cosmetic surgeries but the possible complications could be long-lasting. Natural herbal treatment for enlarged breasts reduces the quantity of fatty cells making the chest flatter giving men masculine looking chests. Men with feminine breasts do not have to spend a fortune to get rid of gynecomastia but they need to invest time and dedication for the treatment to get the results they want.

Men with feminine breasts can change their situation with the right treatment option. With flatter and masculine looking chest, they no longer have to hide.
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