Surgical Correction of Enlarged Male Breasts- What You Need to Know

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of male breasts and it is a common disorder of men that usually begins at puberty.  In most cases, the symptoms of the disorder disappear after adolescent years but a significant numbers of men continue to suffer from this disorder through adulthood. Boys and men with gynecomastia are suffering the humiliation of carrying female-like breasts and this condition affects not only their personal relationships but it affects every aspect of their lives. Their self-image and masculinity are deeply damaged resulting to low self-esteem and unhappiness. For men who want to reclaim their lives, correction of enlarged male breasts is necessary.

Men with gynecomastia are deeply disturbed and devastated with their condition and they want to get rid of their condition and improve the quality of their lives. Imagine how it feels for a man to be deprived of simple things like going to the beach shirtless? They are teased, called names, ridiculed and sometimes mistaken as gays because of their enlarged breasts.  Surgical correction of enlarged male breasts called reduction mammaplasty is the common treatment for gynecomastia. Although you want to immediately resolve your problem, you have to think many times before subjecting yourself under the knife.  Research, ask around and read about gynecomastia reduction surgery before making the decision for surgical correction of enlarged male breasts.

It is important to find a qualified and reputable plastic surgeon with experience in handling gynecomastia reduction surgery. You do not want to be operated by someone who does not have the credentials or experience with male enlarged breasts so you have to check the credentials of your potential surgeon.  It is necessary to see his or her work, ask for before and after photos of gynecomastia cases he or she handled. It is much better if you can personally talk to his or her previous patients. The surgeon’s reputation and credentials are very important in the success of the surgical procedure.

Of course you should have a source of fund for the surgery.  If you will solely rely to your insurance company, you may get disappointed because in most cases insurance companies will not cover plastic surgery procedures.  If the reason for the surgery is due to medical reasons, there are insurances who might consider covering the procedure, it is best to ask your surgeon and your insurance company. If you will shoulder all the expenses, the total cost of the procedure  include anesthesia fee, surgeon’s fee and miscellaneous fees like medications, blood tests, compression garments etc. so most likely you need around $8,000.

You also have to take into consideration your medical history before subjecting yourself under the knife.  Your surgeon should perform assessment of your overall health including the medications and vitamins you are currently taking.  Your smoking and alcohol drinking habit should also be mentioned to your surgeon as these habits may have negative effect on the procedure.  Men with bleeding problems and heart condition are not qualified for gynecomastia surgery.  Although you want an instant relief for your problem, it is best to accept that surgical correction of enlarged male breasts is not for you if you have health or medical issues.

Like any other surgical procedure, gynecomastia correction surgery has its risks and complications. You should talk to your surgeon about this. Common complications are scarring, irregularity of breast contour, uneven repositioning of nipples, temporary or permanent numbness of nipples, accumulation of blood under the skin or hematoma and excessive fluid accumulation.

You should know that making a decision to go through surgical procedure is a personal choice. It is something that you should do for yourself and not just to fit into what they say is the norm.  You may benefit from surgery but still, surgery is a risky and expensive procedure. Thorough thinking and research must be done before making a decision to subject yourself to any kind of surgery. It should be the last option. Surgical correction of enlarged male breasts is an option for men whose condition cannot be corrected by non-surgical treatments.

With the increasing number of men suffering from gynecomastia and looking for the best treatment for their condition, herbal breast reduction treatment was formulated to help men get rid of man boobs naturally. To know more about herbal correction of enlarged male breasts visit  Natural Gynecomastia Solution

Man Boobs- Dealing with Large Breasts in Men

If you haven’t heard of it, there is a condition called gynecomastia, a disorder when men’s breasts grow bigger than usual. The over-developed breasts resemble those of women’s.  Sometimes this condition runs in families where fathers, sons and uncles have abnormally large breasts. Hormonal imbalance is another cause of gynecomastia. Man boobs or gynecomastia can also be drug induced or a side effect of prescription drugs for a certain illness or medical condition. Dealing with large breasts is a dilemma that affects approximately 30% of male population.

Having this condition can be very devastating for men. The embarrassment and humiliation makes their lives miserable.  Men often hide this disorder and they avoid talking about their abnormally big breasts to anyone.  Dealing with large breasts in men can be very physically, mentally and emotionally depressing. They feel less masculine and deprived of the things men usually do like going to the beach shirtless. Men with gynecomastia are sometimes mistaken as gay or homosexual, ridiculed and laughed at.

Men with gynecomastia have to give up sports or physical activities that will require them to take off their shirts. Getting intimate or keeping a sexual relationship is difficult because it’s either they are consumed by their insecurities and embarrassment or women are having a hard time accepting or getting used to a partner with gynecomastia.  Dealing with large breasts in men affects not only their relationships but also their lives as a whole.

You may find this strange but in dealing with large breasts, there are men or boys who wear a bra to hide gynecomastia.  There are not gays, they are straight men but they have to wear a bra as a support for their big breasts and at the same time to hide them. Men with gynecomastia can have breasts as big as 36C, 38D, 42D etc. and they need bra support to avoid breast pain.  Some men wear compression shirts or vest to hide them. Dealing with large breasts is really physically and psychologically distressing to men. Their masculinity is deeply hurt with the fact that they need to wear garments that only women usually wear. Some men come to terms with it because they have a loving girlfriend or wife who supports them but a significant numbers of men with gynecomastia cannot keep a romantic relationship.

In dealing with large breasts, some men decided to go under the knife. Those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars and physically or medically qualified for gynecomastia reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty decided to put an end to their sufferings through surgery.  It is a personal decision to put themselves under the knife and of course they have to live with the results of the surgery. There are successful operations and patients are happy with the results and were able to reclaim their lives. Some patients are not satisfied and need touch up procedures. There are men who are complaining about terrible scarring and uneven repositioning of nipples that even after the corrective surgery, they are not happy and cannot go out shirtless.

Surgery is the common treatment for gynecomastia but not all men can afford it and there are men who do not want to put themselves under the knife.  Fortunately, there are natural remedies for enlarged breasts in men.  Discover how to get rid of man boobs naturally visit Gynexin Alpha Formula

Gynecomastia Solution – Getting Rid of Man Boobs

Gynecomastia which is the development of female-like breasts in men can be very humiliating and distressing. Enlarged male breasts can bring emotional distress to men. They become too self-conscious or embarrassed with their appearance.  This disorder can destroy their self-confidence and can affect the quality of their lives. Finding a gynecomastia solution is important to improve the quality of their lives.

Hormonal imbalance or high levels of estrogen is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of gynecomastia.  Men with this kind of problem are sometimes advised that this condition will eventually go away once the hormones becomes stable and balanced.  For most men, the problem did eventually go away but for others the problem stays with them or the breast growth becomes too noticeable before the stabilization of hormones could happen.

An effective gynecomastia solution can be very helpful to put an end to the dilemma of men who have enlarged breast size.  Men with this kind of disorder may stop to participate on activities or things that men normally do.  For a boy or a man with gynecomastia, activities that will require them to show their chest or wearing something that will show the contour of their chest is like a life and death situation for them.  They wear thick shirts to hide their body and they avoid swimming or other activities that will require them to take off their shirts. Their romantic or sexual relationships are also affected. Getting naked in front of a woman is very difficult and uncomfortable for them. The self-consciousness about the appearance of their breasts gets in the way of their intimacy with their partners. They eventually get out of the relationship if they cannot handle the embarrassment and insecurities.  These are some of the reasons why men with enlarged breasts want an effective gynecomastia solution.

Gynecomastia reduction surgery. This is a gynecomastia solution commonly performed on men with fully developed breasts. Of course you have to be a healthy individual to be a good candidate for this procedure. Men with medical conditions like bleeding disorders and heart problems are not encouraged to go through this procedure.  Proper evaluation of your overall health should be performed by your doctor.  It is important to find a surgeon with experience in gynecomastia reduction surgery.  You may need to shoulder all the expenses of the procedure because most insurance companies will not cover this procedure. The average cost of the procedure is around $4,000-$8,000 which includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, hospital facilities and miscellaneous costs like medications, laboratory tests and compression garments. Any surgery is accompanied by risks and complications so you have to be well-informed about this. You have to discuss to your doctor about the possible risks and side effects.  Hematoma, excessive fluid accumulation, swelling, pain and scarring are some of the complications.  There are men who are happy about their breast reduction surgery but you also have to know that not all surgeries are successful and there are patients who are unhappy with the results.

Diet. It is important to eat a well balanced diet and incorporate foods that can be very helpful in treating gynecomastia in your diet. The food that we eat plays an important role in the production and processing of hormones.  As stated earlier, hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of gynecomastia.  There are foods that can increase testosterone levels like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, turnips, water cress, radishes, turnip greens and mustard greens. Alcoholism is also linked to gynecomastia because too much intake of alcohol can disrupt or damage the normal function of the liver which is very critical in the processing of testosterone, so it is important to avoid drinking alcohol.

Male breast reduction herbal pills. Approximately 30% of the male population are suffering from gynecomastia and a significant numbers of men are looking for non-surgical gynecomastia solution. With a large number of men looking for natural gynecomastia solution to get rid of the discomfort, humiliation and insecurities brought by enlarged male breasts, herbal breast reduction pills for men were formulated under the supervision of medical scientists and nutritionists to help men with gynecomastia.

It is important for men to know their options in dealing with gynecomastia.  It is also important to find a solution that will get rid of the discomfort and humiliation brought by enlarged male breasts. In choosing a gynecomastia solution, surgery should be the last option. It is best to explore on non-surgical treatments than suffer the irreversible side effects of surgery. To get rid of man boobs naturally visit Natural Gynecomastia Solution

Discover the Natural Way of Reducing Man Boobs

Physical appearance is a big factor affecting our self esteem. If you do not feel good about yourself, a big portion of your life is somewhat affected. This is the reason why disorders like gynecomastia or commonly known as man boobs is a very humiliating condition for men. Men with this problem appear as if they have a woman’s breast. Reducing man boobs will restore their self confidence and self-esteem.

Most men suffering from gynecomastia live their lives in shame and in hiding. They cannot do the things they want to do especially if it involves taking off their shirt in public. You think walking bare chested on the beach is simple and easy for men? But men with man boobs avoid the beach especially taking off their shirt in public. Some men even avoid getting intimate with the opposite sex because of fear of rejection. They even wear baggy clothes and sometimes two or more undershirts to hide their man boobs.

Discovering effective ways in reducing man boobs will increase the quality of your life. If this breast abnormality could be corrected by an effective treatment, you do not have to hide and get embarrassed by your appearance.

The most common method of reducing man boobs is through gynecomastia surgery. Although there are men who found success on this procedure, there are also people who are still hesitant to go under the knife knowing that the side effects are irreversible. Surgery is very expensive and unfortunately, since this is a cosmetic surgery, most insurance companies will not release funds for this kind of surgery.

If you are hesitant about surgeries or cannot afford to get one, the good news is that there is a new natural way in reducing man boobs. It has a unique herbal formula targeting the fatty cells in the mammary glands reducing breast size.

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Discover a Non Surgical Gynecomastia Treatment

Most men are very particular with their self image. It is important for most men to appear masculine and physically attractive, that is why if you have gynecomastia, you feel embarrassed and you want to get rid of it. Gyecomastia also referred to as man boobs is the enlargement of breast in males which resembles a woman’s breast. A condition so humiliating that some men decided to get rid of it through painful surgery. While surgery is the common treatment for this condition, you still have the option to try a treatment before going under the knife.

Maybe you are already tired of hiding your gynecomastia by wearing 2 layers of baggy shirts and avoiding situations that you need to take off your shirt in public. And the worst thing is that you are afraid to get intimate with women for fear of rejection due to your feminine chest. The effect of this embarrassing chest deformity is physical, emotional and psychological that is why more and more men are considering surgical treatment. They thought that surgery is the only answer to their problem without knowing that there is now a non surgical gynecomastia treatment.

While surgery is effective to some people suffering from this condition, it is an option for you to try non surgical treatment before subjecting yourself to any surgical procedure. Surgery is very expensive and in this case, most health insurance companies will not cover the expenses because it is considered a cosmetic surgery. The procedure is expensive and any side effect like permanent scarring and discoloration are irreversible.

If you are looking for an alternative to drastic step of surgery, herbal breast reduction pills is a non surgical treatment with natural ingredients that reduce breast size rapidly and permanently. This herbal formula works in targeting the fatty cells in the mammary glands reducing breasts size.

If you are not happy with your appearance and looking for a safe alternative for surgery, a non surgical gynecomastia treatment is an option for you. Discover the natural treatment for gynecomastia visit Get Rid of Man Boobs