Surgical Correction of Enlarged Male Breasts- What You Need to Know

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of male breasts and it is a common disorder of men that usually begins at puberty.  In most cases, the symptoms of the disorder disappear after adolescent years but a significant numbers of men continue to suffer from this disorder through adulthood. Boys and men with gynecomastia are suffering the humiliation of carrying female-like breasts and this condition affects not only their personal relationships but it affects every aspect of their lives. Their self-image and masculinity are deeply damaged resulting to low self-esteem and unhappiness. For men who want to reclaim their lives, correction of enlarged male breasts is necessary.

Men with gynecomastia are deeply disturbed and devastated with their condition and they want to get rid of their condition and improve the quality of their lives. Imagine how it feels for a man to be deprived of simple things like going to the beach shirtless? They are teased, called names, ridiculed and sometimes mistaken as gays because of their enlarged breasts.  Surgical correction of enlarged male breasts called reduction mammaplasty is the common treatment for gynecomastia. Although you want to immediately resolve your problem, you have to think many times before subjecting yourself under the knife.  Research, ask around and read about gynecomastia reduction surgery before making the decision for surgical correction of enlarged male breasts.

It is important to find a qualified and reputable plastic surgeon with experience in handling gynecomastia reduction surgery. You do not want to be operated by someone who does not have the credentials or experience with male enlarged breasts so you have to check the credentials of your potential surgeon.  It is necessary to see his or her work, ask for before and after photos of gynecomastia cases he or she handled. It is much better if you can personally talk to his or her previous patients. The surgeon’s reputation and credentials are very important in the success of the surgical procedure.

Of course you should have a source of fund for the surgery.  If you will solely rely to your insurance company, you may get disappointed because in most cases insurance companies will not cover plastic surgery procedures.  If the reason for the surgery is due to medical reasons, there are insurances who might consider covering the procedure, it is best to ask your surgeon and your insurance company. If you will shoulder all the expenses, the total cost of the procedure  include anesthesia fee, surgeon’s fee and miscellaneous fees like medications, blood tests, compression garments etc. so most likely you need around $8,000.

You also have to take into consideration your medical history before subjecting yourself under the knife.  Your surgeon should perform assessment of your overall health including the medications and vitamins you are currently taking.  Your smoking and alcohol drinking habit should also be mentioned to your surgeon as these habits may have negative effect on the procedure.  Men with bleeding problems and heart condition are not qualified for gynecomastia surgery.  Although you want an instant relief for your problem, it is best to accept that surgical correction of enlarged male breasts is not for you if you have health or medical issues.

Like any other surgical procedure, gynecomastia correction surgery has its risks and complications. You should talk to your surgeon about this. Common complications are scarring, irregularity of breast contour, uneven repositioning of nipples, temporary or permanent numbness of nipples, accumulation of blood under the skin or hematoma and excessive fluid accumulation.

You should know that making a decision to go through surgical procedure is a personal choice. It is something that you should do for yourself and not just to fit into what they say is the norm.  You may benefit from surgery but still, surgery is a risky and expensive procedure. Thorough thinking and research must be done before making a decision to subject yourself to any kind of surgery. It should be the last option. Surgical correction of enlarged male breasts is an option for men whose condition cannot be corrected by non-surgical treatments.

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